About Us


Dreamaxtion is a technology company focusing on Human Capital solutions, aiming to improve company-employee well-being and engagement through Information System and Technology.

We at Dreamaxtion believe that life is too short for meaningless jobs. We are searching for people with big dreams, burning passion, and purpose to help others. We strive to design solutions have a meaningful impact to other people's lives.

Our Values

To make a positive impact in the world, Dreamaxtioners live by these 4 pillars:


  • Per Aspera ad Astra: Always striving towards excellence
  • We go the Extra Mile to provide the best services for our customers’ Extra Smile.
  • We aim for continuous improvement and innovation through disciplined execution.
  • We embody a growth mindset that strives for excellence and to be AMAZING!!!


  • Kindness and empathy through actions
  • We speak in gratitude and appreciation.
  • We are compassionate and understanding to each other.
  • We make impact by touching hearts and transforming lives.


  • Staying solid, honest, and true
  • We do what we have to do, not what we want to do.
  • We commit to our values without compromise.
  • We stay ethical and honest in everything we do.


  • Respectful, egoless, and open-minded
  • We believe in people and their dreams.
  • We respect each other and their opinions.
  • We believe in constructive criticism to enable us to be better.
  • We nurture seeds for the greater good as an asset to the world.

How We Work

a. Well-being Orientation

  • Our office policy prioritizes in people's well-being. We provide happiness programs such as Friyay! (every weekend is a long weekend), flexible working times, and even paid vacation if your family needs you.

b . Unique Gamified Culture

  • We deeply value every Dreamaxtioner and their contribution, that's why we reward compensation based on performance.

c . Agile Culture

  • We respect everyone's working style. There is no static job description or micromanaging - we believe every Dreamaxtioner will contribute earnestly and be more creative.

d . Tribe, Clan, and Guild

  • We implement cutting-edge practices alongisde a people-oriented philosophy, namely North Star and OKRs as our performance monitoring.