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PT Dreamaxtion Teknologi Internasional

Dreamaxtion is an human capital solutions company committed to making assessment and recruitment easier for companies and talents.

Our product Dreamtalent is the first step to that goal.

About Us

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Latest Updates

Ikigai: Are You Happy at Work?
You spend 30% of your life at work. So before you send out your applications or even choose a degree, think about this: what makes you happy?
Corporate Stockholm Syndrome
In a failed bank robbery, a criminal took four people hostage. He kept them for almost a week at gunpoint, threatening their lives and was generally being violent. When the hostage situation ended and the criminal was tried, however, all four victims wanted to defend their captor and even raised funds to pay for his lawyer. This event took place in Stockholm, 1973 and it was so strange (especially to psychology experts) that the term Stockholm Syndrome was named after it.
Stop Using MBTI & DISC, They're Not That Good
MBTI, DISC, and OCEAN. What’s the best psychological testing tool for recruitment? Hiring is costly if you get it wrong - financially and culturally - so it’s important to get it right. But which one can actually help you get the right talent that fits your company?