Integrated Human
Capital Solutions
We are making recruitment and
assessment better for your company
with technology.

Human Capital
Is Problematic


Low levels of engagement
and commitment


Employee feel they're in
the wrong career

High Turnover

Employees will quit
within 12 months
Turnover Cost

Rp 102 Million / person

Source: Michael Page Employee Intentions Report Indonesia (2015); Badan Pusat Statistik (2015); Global Employee Engagement Index (2018); Gallup (2019) based on minimum wage in Jakarta (2020).
Predictive Fit-Based Hiring

Our Solution
To Recruitment

Dreamtalent is an online psychometric testing platform
for predictive recruitment and assessment.

Discover candidates with the right job fit and culture fit
by actual data.

Hire For Fit

Focus on candidates who
would perform and stay with you.

Faster & Easier

Save up to Rp 38M and 800
hours in recruitment processes.


Hire fairly and objectively
by data and science, without bias.

What Makes Us Different?

We take science seriously. 60 cumulative years of research and continuous development ensure our products are valid and reliable.
We help companies spend less time and resources in recruitment, by simplifying processes and identifying fit candidates early.
Everything is done on the cloud and algorithms, reducing error margins and improving data flow.

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In a failed bank robbery, a criminal took four people hostage. He kept them for almost a week at gunpoint, threatening their lives and was generally being violent. When the hostage situation ended and the criminal was tried, however, all four victims wanted to defend their captor and even raised funds to pay for his lawyer. This event took place in Stockholm, 1973 and it was so strange (especially to psychology experts) that the term Stockholm Syndrome was named after it.
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